A post that devolves into a Golden Globes commentary.

When I started this post this morning, it was going to be all about turning lemons into lemonade, but I didn’t finish this morning. I pursued a productive day, which was part of the “lemonade,” and so naturally, I didn’t get a chance to get back on the MacBook Pro until after dinner. And while I’m excited about what I’ve accomplished today, I am totally sucked into the Golden Globes, which I have on as I write. So … Today did not start out as my finest Sunday, but I made a plan to rectify that.

Last night I had two glasses of iced tea with dinner, and one and a half of some kind of fancy margaritas. Both were delicious! But the iced tea meant that I couldn’t sleep until about 2:30, and the margaritas meant that I woke with a splitting headache. Then, I went to put my comforter in the washer, only to discover a load of whites already in the washing machine. From last weekend. Blech!

Despite the soupy weather, I ventured out for some retail therapy and other various errands. So, here’s what I have accomplished thus far today:

  • Re-washed the aforementioned stinky whites;
  • Gassed up the Mini;
  • Bought a new pair of jeans for 50 percent off;
  • Washed my glorious comforter of glory, in which I have taken to cocoonning myself to ward off the cold every night;
  • Cleaned the kitchen;
  • Made roasted corn chowder for dinner and saved some for tomorrow night;
  • And accomplished a feat that many have tried, but most have failed … I programmed a universal remote to control my TV, DirecTV, and Bluray! Which reminds me … I didn’t set it to control my DVD player, which I only use for the surround sound, but maybe my self-serving glee is slightly premature. 

Now I’m curled up on the couch in my The Social Network t-shirt — which is the softest t-shirt I’ve ever owned — FFing through the Golden Globes, blogging, and researching game consoles. What I really want is a way to play games like Zumba — Wii is probably the most obvious solution, but the PS3 is so badass with the ability to connect to a Netflix account! (BTdubs, what in the world is Julianne Moore wearing?! I can’t wait so see what the @fug girls say about that bizarre right-side sleeveless, left-side oversized-sleeve-through-the-choker on Go Fug Yourself.)

(Awww! Chris Colfer just won! Not that I needed to love him any more, but his reaction and speech really touched me.)

OK, so I’m kind of struggling for a theme for this post. I typically start with a thread and manage to work toward a bigger picture theme — although some may say I start with a rant and whip it up into something that only I would consider substance. I’m possibly distracted by things such as Justin Bieber’s presence on stage right now, Ricky Gervais’ glass of wine, and obsessively checking my Kindle to see if it’s charging. I’m a multitasker! Here is my theme: I started with one theme about productivity (Hey! Sheldon just won!) and ended up inserting probably way too much random commentary about the Golden Globes.

Dude, at the end of the day, I’m rocking a universal remote throughout the Golden Globes.

Ruh roh, this is becoming a commentary on the Golden Globes. Wow. Tilda Swinton is a lovely woman whose paleness I appreciate, but, dude, a white dress and, like, no eyeliner?! Woman, you’re on TV. Embrace some color.


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