I am blessed to know several generations of women in my family. I have plenty of memories of my great-grandmother, Nanny Wood. My grandmother is 91 years old, and my nieces know and love her. (Grandma doesn’t always know who they are lately, but surely it means a lot to her that these lovely young women are part of her family and love her very much.) I’m crazy about my nieces.

I always thought I’d be a mom, but my stubborn need to have a parenting partner first has greatly limited my options. So, I haven’t been blessed with kids myself, but my nieces are certainly the best two things that have ever happened to me.

My mom’s illness was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me. We had so many people praying for us and with us. I was so blessed to find my own support — people who understood and sympathized with what it’s like to be scared and worried about your mom.

Unfortunately, one of my most vocal supporters is experiencing another terrible time with her mom’s illness again. My friend Angela and her sister are sitting with their mother in hospice. Their mother fought cancer before, and their story gave me so much hope while my mom was ill. Angela was so encouraging and supportive. I would read and re-read her messages to me, and pray for a similar miracle. But Angela told me yesterday that her mom had relapsed and was in hospice to manage her pain.

I can’t imagine anything worse than watching my mother suffer. So, to anyone who reads this who has a mother, please say a prayer for Angela, her mother, and her sister.

I’m sure there is no greater gift than being a mother, but I am overwhelmingly blessed just by having one.


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