Let’s talk music.

Music is some kind of universal language. I wish I personally possessed more musical ability than an average singing voice, but I consider my great ear to be an exceptional musical talent. As the progeny of a broadcasting genius (I said broadcasting, not Web design), I’m always intersted in cool, new music.

I love “discovering” new artists — at least new-to-me artists. Some artists I’ve discovered by way of other artists include Reliant K, Fiction Plane, and Adele.

Also, I get a big thrill when I hear someone’s music who I know in an organic setting. I get happy when I hear Mr. Karen Skaggs (some people know him as Denton artist Doug Burr) on KXT. I love when Pandora plays songs from fellow Baylor alum Addison Road, Marsh Shamburger, or David Crowder.

Heck, I even remember watching a couple of Shirley Temple movies over and over on VHS and having the songs stuck in my head for months at a time.

Last Friday I drove to Houston to attend the Lady Gaga concert with my friend Monica. I was no major fan before, but her show was amazing. The sets were stunning, and the music was great. I was annoyed by her rant about lip syncing, because although she did not appear to lip sync, she sang along with and over a track of herself, just like everyone else does. When she was dancing, she wasn’t singing. When she was singing, she wasn’t dancing. Just like everyone else. But her music is fantastic; the sets were awesome; the wardrobe was great; and that was the best show I’ve seen in a long, long time.

The crowd was amazing. We saw several moms with young daughters, dressed to fit the part. I wish I would have run up to those moms and said, “You’re the best mom ever!” Instead, I asked my friends to take pictures of a young women in a leotard.


You don’t go out in public with your rear-end hanging out to NOT be photographed. Bless her heart! And bless her something else.



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