Viva Italiano!

I went to World Market after work this afternoon because I wanted some of my homemade risotto for dinner. I didn’t want to jack with a full-on grocery store, and the closest grocery store to my apartment probably doesn’t even carry real risotto. And World Market has some awesome Italian imports. I grabbed a box of risotto straight away, but then one ADOS* session and thirty bucks later, and I’ve done my part to boost the Italian economy.


Making risotto with the roasted garlic olive oil was an awesome idea! Yum.

Other than Italy’s finest, I got a mix for lemon-ginger scones. My plan is to make them tonight and take into work tomorrow. Although the window for that plan is rapidly closing –I did several hours of mundane, repetitive stuff at work this afternoon, which ironically is more exhausting than challenging stuff. I sit here blogging when I should be baking, but … eh!

*According to Vickie, ADOS = attention deficit … oooh, shiny!


One thought on “Viva Italiano!

  1. Katie Skluzacek says:

    It sounds delicious!

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