Higher Purpose

Early paranthetical: I just read a blog post I wrote last week but didn’t read it again (or publish it) until today. Dude, I am under some serious pressure at work. I know I’m not the only one, but I’ve been around a LOT longer than anyone else on my team. I feel pressure where they can’t yet. Ugh.

Anyhoo … This week I read The Blind Side and In a Heartbeat, both books that really touched me and made me question many things about my life. I will absolutely read Michael Oher’s book I Beat the Odds, because I’m so inspired by this family. As much as I admire Leigh Anne and dig Collins, I’m totally into S.J. Tuohey. His chapter in his parents’ book was awesome. He says something to the effect of: I’m into the mind over matter method. I don’t mind what you think, and you don’t matter. I only hope my young nieces can feel that way.

I’m thinking of ways to give back. Ways to help others. When I was in college, I was in Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity. Back in my day, APO was required to change our required service hours from 90 to 40 per semester because of hazing laws. But this week I read that a degree requirement of some Baylor students is 60 hours of service per semester. From the outside, it seems hypocritical, but I’m sure the Zeta Omega chapter of APO is coping just fine. I know that APO doesn’t have the exclusive right to exclaim a service mindset, but we certainly did a lot more than the social organizations on campus.

For many years beyond Baylor and APO, I found plenty of ways to serve. Over many years, however, my service has dwindled to giving away clothes that don’t fit and furniture I don’t need. But what I know from personal experience and what I learned from the books I’ve read about the Tuoheys, I can do more. I love doing more. I am built to do more. Unfotunately, I allowed some un-fun stuff in my life to derail me from the path of charity work and giving that I was on. After a couple of moves, I couldn’t find my teakettle, much less my motivation for charitable work.

I tried to volunteer with the USO, but they didn’t need me in Dallas. I joined a new church, but all the programs are geared towared youth and older couples, and I’m not either of those.

I met my parents for a movie this afternoon, and something on the radio on the way back mentioned “your calling.” And I was like, “What IS my calling?!” Recently, my focus has been strictly on surviving one crappy circumstance after another. But my mom keeps telling me that she’s praying for my quality of life. I believe that quality of life is probably tied to answering one’s call.

Yeah. I need to hear God’s call again.


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