Day! Of! Random!

I went to bed early last night, as I have been doing most nights for a few weeks.

(All this bed-early business has given me has been odd dreams. Seriously, a few weeks ago, I dreamt that I was appointed with a super power — the power to determine if the Los Angeles Clippers would win or lose. In my dream, I realized that I would have to constantly strategize how to use my power in order to secure future championships for the Dallas Mavericks.)
Last night I went to bed early and I had a wacky dream in which I needed to wear a Dallas Mavericks uniform to some kind of party or dance. I wore some crazy striped leggings, and slipped the long game shorts over them. It was ridiculous, but it made perfect sense in my dream.

The good thing about going to bed early is that I wake up early! This morning, I was able to do several things around the house, and still leave early enough to drive through Chick-Fil-A. While I was at the pick-up window, a bird flew between my car and the window, which made me laugh and comment to the lady working the window. Not until driving my car at lunch did I see that the bird that swooped low between the window and my car had pooped into my car! Poor Mini Cooper.

Lunch, BTDubs, was with former coworker and hysterical friend who made me laugh with stories of his high school reunion, wife, and kids. I was laughing as we walked to our respective cars about some random, dry remark he made.

After lunch, we begin a new story. I happily volunteered to help set up two new employees who will start tomorrow morning. I was thrilled for a legitimate excuse to spend half an hour perusing office supplies! I got everything on the list. (Did you know that a flat of bottled waters costs $3.99 at Staples, but $2.49 at Target? FYI.) Less thrilling? I dropped my keys in the parking lot while walking into the Staples. As soon as I made my purchase and started to make my way out the door, I realized that my keys were not to be found. I pulled my cart off to the side and notified my check-out person what was up. I emptied my entire purse looking for them. She had a guy follow my footsteps throughout the store, and she emptied my basket. After all that, I knew my keys were either in the car of on the blacktop. Please keep in mind it was 104 degrees today, so, ew, sweaty.
WOW! I survived striped leggings and Mavs uniform, bird poop, and lost keys today. Whew.

I’m not going to bed so early tonight … I need a night without a difficult-to-interpret dreams. So, I’m going to bed soonish. I’ll get to work as requested tomorrow, if not earlier.


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