Thanks for the slop, Eastside Village!

I’ve lived in my apartment for almost three years, and my kitchen sink has flooded four times — the first time there was so much water that it flooded into the hallway. The second time, the water made it just beyond my front door, so not quite flooding the whole hallway, just my apartment. The third time I was home when it happened, so I was able to mop furiously until I contained it. The fourth time the fine folks who run the after-hours maintenance service actually responded when I called. Tonight? Not so much! I’ve left two messages in the last hour, and no one has even called me back. 

Clearly, I’m furious. Disgusted, repulsed, exasperated, and ready to inflict bodily harm to apartment management with my plunger. They fine us residents for every flipping little thing — paying a $20 water bill one day late equates to a roughly $50 fine. My neighbor got “caught” putting trash in one of the trash cans instead of the dumpster and got fined. I’m going to start fining management every time my sink backs up. Or, taking a week off my lease every time so I can get out of here!

Stinky, dirty (literally — there is dirt in it sometimes), slop water in my apartment in the Eastside Village, “managed” by Pinnacle

Friday, 29 June 2011, I came home to this greasy mess:

Saturday, 30 June 2011, washing dishes this is what I ended up with:

Sunday morning, 31 June 2011, I woke to this proof that my sink had recently flooded again, and rude reminder to STOP CLEANING MY SINK, although I still do:


Sunday night, 31 June 2011 (YAY! Twice in one day!), washing up I got this:

Aaaaand this is the standing water I came home to Monday, 1 August 2011:

Just for kicks, I’m going to get up and take a picture of my sink’s current status… The water has receded:


Good news, while I was taking this picture (and, well, pouring a glass of wine), the nice maintenance guy who I like knocked on my door to tell me that he called a plumber with a long snake. Snerk. He was super-sympathetic and remembered that this has happened several times before. And by “remembered” I mean “cared enough to check his records to see why I was leaving such angry messages.” He agreed that the standing water was “not good.” (I kept wanting to agree, “Yeah, NO BUENO!” because that’s what my friends and I say, but I wasn’t sure that he — a guy who I don’t know bery well, but who’s first language is obviously Spanish — would take that as total agreement and not condescension.)

The plumbers are here, with buckets and a long snake. Ugh. It stinks! And I need to pee, but they’re pouring the slop down the toilet, so I don’t think I can lock them out of the bathroom right now.

Good news: The last time they called an actual plumber, the sink didn’t back up for awhile. More good news: I’m only here until March, and I seriously think the long snake treatment might last that long.

Note to Future Ashley: First-floor apartments? No bueno!


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