I’m so crafty. This time, with pottery!

Last weekend, my friend and I vistited a pottery studio to paint some pieces. I have not painted pottery since I was a little girl and a neighbor down the street had a kiln and sold us rough pieces to buff out, paint, glaze, and she would eventually finish. I’m sure I’m getting the process wrong because I don’t remember it well. But my sister and I painted many ceramic items, and I have so many happy memories of the process!

My friend and I both agree that we are eager to try again, but here are my pieces from this adventure. Raw pieces:



Finished pieces:


I think my friend’s pieces turned out MUCH better than mine, but I also think that I will really enjoy my pieces. Like we all joked, a mug to start the day, and a goblet to end the day!

I’ve tried knitting again, with mixed success. I’ve been doing a lot of origami lately, and the results are OK. I’ve had enough creative success lately that I am even entertaining more difficult projects. Personally, I think these accomplishments are very positive things. Perhaps not for my cheerful recipients, but such is life!


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