The secret lives of Smashleys

What’s usually going on in my head is a constant stream of about a half-dozen trains of thought at any given instant. (I assume that is just part of my “yellow” multi-tasking, creative personality type. Although, I could have some undiagnosed ADD. Of course, the third option is that I’m bat-crap crazy, which I’m certainly not ruling out.) I picture it like different tracks on a recording. Typically, the loudest track is relevant to whatever I’m doing, like work, for example. Although driving a familiar route, completing mundane chores, or otherwise occupying myself with meditative activites like knitting allows those “deeper” tracks to float to the surface and get more of my active attention.

One of the ways this plays out is that I frequently have multiple conversations going on at any given time, even within a conversation between me an one other person. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of IMing, Facebook messaging, texting, or talked to me on the phone knows that I skip subjects like a decent game of Doodlejump.

Another way my “brain tracks” play out in real life is that I’ve got a boss who is an ultimate sales guru. The guy is amazing at what he does. And to him, reading body language is a big part of that. He’s told me a couple of times his interpretation of my body language, and I was totally shocked both times. So, I figure that my body language could, at any second, reflect the symphony of trains of thought going through my mind and not necessarily what my boss thinks I’m thinking about. He can ready body language, but not minds, I realized. So, that’s another helpful lesson for me!



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