Saturday Night Crazy

Coming down with my regular allergies-inspired cold has been particularly miserable this Autumn. Work is CA-RAAAZY. The last couple of weeks have felt like finals week in college. Just like when I took finals at Baylor, I’ve been so focused on accomplishing work goals that I’ve let almost everything else in my life take a distant second place. The big down side here is that, like right after finals week, I end up sick.

I don’t care what you say, I still love angst

As much as I hate being sick, being forced to deal with a thousand things at once really helps me identify what is important. Or, so I think. Yesterday at work, my friend Jason said, “I feel like I’m in the middle of a Swiss watch. I’m surrounded by so many moving parts!” The analogy is perfect for work, but it also applies to life. That’s exactly what my life feels like right now.

Sick + work = total crazy

Do you want me to run out and get you something? Like Xanax or Valium? Or Prozac? Well, but Prozac you have to take for, like, a week…


I pointed out to a friend this week that I needed some pharmaceutical assistance to take the edge off the hormones and the crazy. I’m better off with the help, I know. And I also realize that I’ll be more professional at work and happier in my personal life with the help.

I’m doing remarkably well without it. I prefer the help because, hey! I don’t want to be bat crap crazy! But I guess I am a person who does better with some Rx than without.


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