All the jokes about Apple products in mourning…

I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Lion the instant it was available. Since then, my core Apple software programs haven’t worked properly: iTunes, Safari, Text Edit, and Mail. I’ve wrangled Mail into submission, but I still can’t use iTunes, Text Edit, or Safari.

I downloaded the new iTunes 10.5, really hoping it would sove my total inability to use iTunes. Alas, no.

I can work around Safari by using Firefox (my prefered browser) and Chrome. Using Word instead of Text Edit is a pain because Word formats everything within an inch of its life when you copy and paste it into Dreamweaver or a WYSIWYG HTML editor. But I can work around the lack of Text Edit for the short term.

I saw that iOS5 is available today, but after downloading iTunes that still doesn’t work on my MBP, I’m not installing iOS5 on my iPhone. I have an iPhone 3GS with an iPhone 4S on the way. I think I’ll wait for the improved hardware before I try to run the improved software.


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