Don’t get cranky about how I define “irony”

I have a whole bucket of irony here tonight. More than one flavor, too. Let me set the scene …

Last night, I wrote a blog entry that I intended to schedule to post Monday. Why? Well, first I didn’t want anyone to realize that I was at home blogging on a Saturday night instead of partying like a rock star. Second, I quoted someone in my entry and hadn’t asked for permission to quote him yet.

Let me back up to way before that: My first ever blog was pretty public, but it was hosted on a unique URL that a person would have to know to find. A year or so later, I migrated to Live Journal, back when Brad Fitz was still in charge. At the time, Live Journal was the biggest thing going in what we now call “social media,” but the layers of security on Live Journal spoiled me into thinking that only a few trusted friends actually read my blog.

Since fully moving to Posterous with full-on social media integration, I can see how many times my blog is read. The second time I bothered to look at my blog’s stats was after a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, smart, kind, witty, magical friend inferred that I was questioning her awesome sauce because I was clumsy with references and intentionally vague with identifiers in a post, and she questioned me about it. After two days of mentally flogging myself for being an ass, I checked my stats and saw that I had an audience.

As a marketer, I’m always using my personal social media presence to learn and experiment so I can apply the knowledge to my profession. I’m pretty sure my Facebook presence is like some gawky teenager, because I’m constantly trying to push the envelope to learn the latest, but I’m hardly on Facebook for personal use. In that spirit, I wanted to schedule last night’s blog entry to post at another time to see what gets the most reaction.

Yesterday, I integrated the new Facebook timeline:


It’s going to be so great for branding and marketing!

The second ironic thing I wanted to mention, and this is getting long, but it’s really good! The 2006 blog entry I quoted last night also included this …

I got a roommate. It happened suddenly, but I’m glad to have someone as nurturing and considerate as my roommate here. He’s going through a tough time personally, and I’m very happy to be able to support him.

… and this morning that roommate called me! A couple of weeks ago, he invited me to his Halloween party, and last night I RSVPed because I finally booked the most awesome date. We’re still working on costume ideas, but it’s going to be so much fun!


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