Horribly AWESOME Day

I’m taking a deep breath and a big drink of wine. Today has been the very definition of a Flip Flop Day. Fortunately, I managed the majority of my day in such a way that it was pretty good while I was in it. Unfortunately, two of the things I was most looking forward to today didn’t happen. I know I should register complaints with the respective organizations, but the first is too big, and I’m too fed up with the second to bother. Anyway, I can’t get the results I want at this point no matter what.

The day broke with much to look forward to — as soon as my alarm went off I checked the status of the iPhone 4S I ordered to see that it was in Dallas, and scheduled for delivery at 10:30 a.m. FLIP!

While getting ready for work, I did the thing that I do where I over-think things. My mom says I dwell on my worries. My friend Monica calls it “getting all up in my own head.” I was so stuck up in my own head by 8:30 a.m., I was exhausted and short-tempered. FLOP!

I’m so glad today was so beautiful! The sun and the cool weather gave me all the perspective I needed this morning to focus on what I had to look forward to and generally disregard the overwhelming pressure I felt at work. FLIP!

Work went well until this afternoon when the hours started ticking down, and the help I’d been offered was taken away just when I needed it most. The hours kept counting down, and now at 10 p.m., the highlights of my day never happened. Wah-waaaah. FLOP!

My friend Monica is coming up to go to my friend’s Halloween party with me, and everyone is looking forward to that. We JUST settled on our costumes, and now we are really excited! FLIP!

P.S. Dear UPS, you suck. Give me my iPhone. Love, Ashley.


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