The object of my affection

This week I upgraded from an iPhone 3GS to an iPhone 4S. I haven’t had much time to dig into all the awesome features, but I still love it like crazy.


My adoration of this object has brought a question to my mind that I had so many times when I was young: Can a person have more than one object of her or his offection at a time? I’ve always thought, yes. But I experienced a random fit of jealousy recently, so who knows. If I found out my iPhone had another owner, I would be furious. But I doubt Siri would care if I had another phone.

Over-thinking much?

So much happened this week, and I remember thinking several times, “OH! This is a great learning opportunity!” but in retrospect I cannot remember one of them.

Today I went to the state fair, and on the way back I started thinking about work and felt overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. I went into “pray without ceasing” mode. That was good because I have several people I’ve been praying for lately, and so I just threw myself into the mix and proceeded to work through the rotation.

I decided a week or so ago to start praying something specific for myself. I cycle through phases of
“only praying for others” to “only praying for myself.” I’m in an “only pray for others” mode, so working the prayer for myself into the mix hasn’t been easy, but I need to keep at it.



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