Roar, baby, roar!

A friend and coworker pointed out to me again today that I think and speak like a woman. Yes, for obvious reasons, I do. I am woman; hear me roar. The point he was trying to make, however, is that dudes think and communicate one way, and I communicate another.

To be clear, no one is saying one is better. But I’m totally better.

I record the Ellen Show every day. Today, Ellen had a lot to say about women:

It’s just amazing to me that America has never had a female president when so many other countries have: Brazil, India, Switzerland, even Libyria. We’re supposed to be a leading nation. After all, we brought the world blue jeans and iPads and Ryan Gossling. If we had a female president, our foreign relations would be fantastic…. I know the day will come when we have a female president. It’s just like my favorite philosopher once said, ‘Girls, we’re gonna run this motha…’

Ellen’s monologue brought two thoughts to mind. First, she did mention that a woman running America would mean less fighting and war.

Second, while I agree with Ellen’s statement, I can’t help but acknowledge Shakespeare’s concept that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Personally, I rarely experience jealousy, and I frequently extradite myself from any situation in which I could end up scorned as early as possible. But, when I feel scorned? Hell seriously has no fury.

The new work plan is to stay calm and keep going. And to start by explaining the results I expect first, and then helping folks figure out how to get there after.


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