If you can read this, you’re awesome

I sent up a social media flare this morning after I realized two things. One, what’s the point of putting energy and effort into social media, building connections and friendships with people, if you can’t benefit from what those relationships have to offer when you need it?! And two, how many times am I going to learn that it’s OK to ask for help?!

When my mom was fighting her fight with cancer (If you don’t know, my mom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in January 2009. It was a very difficult year.), she used to tell me that she could feel people praying for her. In addition to her support network, my sister and I would regularly ask friends, coworkers, strangers, and connections on Facebook and Twitter for prayers and encouragement. This morning was my own personal experiment with the same concept. This morning I woke up early, mentally thumbing through every option I could invent to face the day.

I asked for support and encouragement from my Twitter and Facebook friends. The responses I received were incredible — messages, tweets, texts, and phone calls that helped more than I can say. I was overwhelmed with love and support! I am grateful and humbled by the encouragement I received. Most of all, my life is changed. I could feel the encouragement.

Yesterday I had a very stressful work day, thanks to a tough client, with the promise of more stress today. Then I heard some worrisome news about my mom’s health. And then I spoke with my sister, who had a really difficult day.

Last night I worked myself into an over-anxious, over-tired, over-emotional state, totally caused by anxiety, stress, and hormones. Today, I am over-come with gratitude. I am reassured, because sometimes I wonder if my tiny prayers for others make a difference. I feel reassured now that the people I pray for can experience my prayers for them. My small-but-genuine efforts for my peeps can make an impact.

I’m officially done trying to be Miss Independent. My friends are amazing. They don’t think less of me for needing them in the exact same way that I relish being useful to them!


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