Fixations are normal, right? Yes! Of course. I’m totally normal in my tendency to fixate on songs, foods, shows, books, websites, shoes, holidays, people, shiny thi… Oooh! Shiny!

In my early twenties, a good friend of mine and I were having one of those deep, meandering chats one summer night. Actually, I don’t even think we were 20 yet.  I remember that while I felt the weight of the topic, I realized at the time that I didn’t fully get what my friend was saying.

He said, “Life is a series of ruts.” You travel in one rut for a while, and then you find a new rut. Who knows if that conversation influenced me, or if it stuck with me because I continue to see how I go from rut to rut.

I tend to get into ruts of what to eat for dinner. I tend to fall in love with music and listen to it so much that I get sick of it. I have developed emotional attachments to pillows and blankets! I look at it like this: When I find things that make me happy and give me joy, I celebrate them!

The casual, uneducated observer could mistake these little blessings for obsessions. You would be wrong! Unless you define obsessions as the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, or desire. In that case, I have obsessions.

So, here are my recent obsessions



Pinterest. It doesn’t hurt that my coworker who already sends me pictures every day (of wacky IT dudes who we dub “my boyfriends”) has recently joined. We talked about Pinterest all day yesterday. Everyone should join Pinterest and follow me so I can follow you back.


Sleep. I haven’t had much lately. But … my new bed came! I’m shocked that it came so quickly because I only ordered it Friday or Saturday! I sold my iPhone 3GS to Gazelle and took my payment in the form of an Amazon gift card, which I applied to my new bed! There’s nothing you can’t get on Amazon. Seriously, I came home to a new bed! I had to finish reading over my niece’s research paper, so I didn’t even crack open the box. But a new Bed of Glory awaits!



Thanksgiving. I was overly excited about the apple pie I made and the chocolate pecan pie I bought at Whole Foods for Thanksgiving dinner. l was also really into my leftovers this year. I love me a Thanksgiving sandwich.


Playlist. I always have a few songs that I’m constantly coming back to. I’ll create playlists around those songs just to give myself an excuse to listen to them organically. Spotify is being difficult, so I’ll just list my current musical obsessions (If you have a Spotify account, subscribe to my “Obsess on This” playlist to hear them. If you don’t have a Spotify account, please email me so I can hook you up, you poor dear.)

  • Runaway Train :: Brandon Boyd
  • Paradise :: Coldplay
  • Isadore :: Incubus
  • Think I’m in Love :: Beck
  • Options :: Gomez
  • Friends and Lovers :: Incubus

Books. I’m back onto Jodi Piccoult. Her books, although formulaic, are intensely emotional and spiritual or philosophical. I find that they impact me more when I read them sparingly, as opposed to obsessively. So I’m pretty much contradicting myself.


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