Overheard this weekend

I spent lots of time with my sister and nieces this weekend. We dug out my old yearbooks from K-12 — with a few gaps — and I’d like to highlight some of the more memorable things that were said.

  • “I guess you were really sweet when you were my age.” RE: What most people told me in my seventh grade yearbook.
  • Exception to the signatures in my seventh grade yearbook:
    “Roses are red, violets are blue, your mother is pretty, what happened to you? D.S.” (Gee, I wonder who that was.)
  • “When Darla gets old, maybe I’ll give her to you.”
    “Why do you think it’s a good idea to give me your old dog?”
    “Because I don’t like old dogs. Except for Lilly. And Peanut.”
  • “Wow, Aunt Ashley, you were really pretty then!”
  • “I had a perm … and do you remember that jumpsuit?!?”
    “Was it … salmon colored?”
    Snorting, riotous laughter ensued…
    “PLEASE tell me that you tight-rolled the pant legs!!”

Another thing I noticed is that in way too many of these yearbook photos is that I wore sailor collars. A LOT.

Every time I would exclaim, “OH! THAT’S who she is!” my older niece would say, “Facebook?” Yep, because she knew that I was fully connecting names and faces with exactly what these people were to me!

Now that I have all these yearbooks, I’ll be sorting through Facebook friend requests much more quickly.

And probably continue to have more bizarre dreams incorporating past people with future or present situations, as I did this weekend.


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