I have very cold hands. You know what that means!

I have a WARM HEART.

Recently I’ve been exploring the theme of love. I’m writing, talking, and reading about love non-stop lately. (Reading list: Rob Sheffield’s Love Is a Mix Tape.)

Today’s inspirational quotation of the day was beautiful. I wanted to make my friend something around the quotation as a gift for her month of gifts, but somehow I lost sight of how I thought she’d be better for it. It does seem to fit in brilliantly with the conversations, books, writing, and thoughts in life lately:


Last night I had a marathon 90-minute phone call with a friend. Describing my history with this friend as “complicated” is kind, but I’m OK with it. He’s a true, loyal friend to me; and I’m a true, loyal friend to him. I think the beauty of our roles in each other’s lives is this reflection to “Let God have you. Let God love you.” We each beat ourselves up a lot, but meanwhile have an amazing ability to see only the most lovely characteristics in each other.

Our emotions ranged from laughter to tears because our conversation ranged from loss, love, learning to live after loss, learning to live after losing love, hating being in love, and loving love. Love is so imperfect, just like we all are….

How am I, the weakest, poorest, worst creature that God created, able to know God’s love? Grace. My friends, grace.

I have known love, so I treasure that blessing. But for now I must depend on God to have me and love me. Because surely He will bring me joy!


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