Happy National Cupcake Day!

From the shared brain of Angela Doo, me, and God’s universe, this week is all about cupcakes and rocking out. I split an earth-shattering cupcake with a musically inclined coworker, so I suggested that we create a song about said cupcake. He agreed. At the time it was a really funny joke, but I totally started the lyrics. Meanwhile, Angela’s Daily Creativity project that day was a rocker chick she once called Cupcake.

I’m not much of an artist — I’ve done one oil painting I like, and I did one piece in pastels that I love but gave to someone (P.S. total waste of awesome pastel drawing). I prefer to express my creative genius in words and a bit of crafty — but Angela has really inspired me to explore how to participate in her Daily Creativity challage. Last month, I did my own version of her sugar skull project. This month, I knew I wanted to come up with some kind of gift to her because her December theme was about gifts. The cupcake conversation inspired me!

I started a painting, like on paper, for her last night. Tonight, I finished it, as planned. But this morning Angela told me today was National Cupcake Day!

How crazy is that?!

Tonight’s finished product (from no kind of painter, although I kind of like it):




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