On leaps of faith and accompanying soundtrack

I don’t think I’m good at taking leaps of faith. I’m the person who loves to rock climb, but who is terrified to rappel down. So giving notice that I’m moving out of my apartment without knowing for sure where I am moving into feels like that moment when you have to sit down into a harness and rope over nothing but air.

This change is a good thing for me. I have begun another era of change in my life, and my “higher self” is grateful for it. My regular self? Is thoroughly frightened.

I usually joke that I “fake it ’til I make it,” but I have a pretty intense fear of homelessness. The Mini has heated seats, but I don’t want to have to sleep in it!

Tomorrow we’re doing personal goal setting at work, so I expect … at least hope … to clarify my vision for my future.

Here’s a wee little soundtrack for anyone facing a leap of faith:


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