Smart love

Recently, I read Rob Sheffield’s Love Is a Mix Tape. I tried to describe this book to a coworker because I thought he’d be into it, and he said something to the effect of, “Are you in love with the author? You sound like you’re in love with this guy.”

So, yeah. I am in love with this guy. I’d never even heard of Rob Sheffield before I started reading this book, although there’s a very good chance I’ve read his work before without registering the name. But this Rob Sheffield guy … within the 45 minutes I spent reading this book one day at lunch I had to look up four words he used! Four words! If that’s not true love, then I don’t want whatever true love is.

Usually a sense of humor is at least half of what I’m attracted to in a person. How much a person makes me laugh is directly related to how much I want to talk to them. But use words that I have to learn in order to understand you? Yowza!

Experience has taught me that that’s not a universal trait. I’ve had several experiences that made me feel like a jerk because I use big words or (what I think is) an interesting turn of phrase. Once, I had a coworker who mocked me in front other coworkers in the break room for using the word “Luddite.” BTdubs, I learned the word Luddite from a friend of mine whose thirst for reading and learning and making and trying and crafting puts mine to shame. My passion for the aforementioned creative endeavors is overshadowed by my love for surrounding myself with people who are smart and challenge me.

I bet Rob Sheffield would never make me feel like a jerk for using big words. I bet Rob Sheffield would love me for my clever turns of phrase.

There is another guy who I’m in love with. Like my love for Rob Sheffield, my love for Brandon Boyd is so pure and true that I am confident that he would adore my big words and easily use my turns of phrase for song lyrics.

Brandon and Rob are, frankly, just a couple of my current obsessions. That does not mean my love for them is any less real!

This may seem like a giant leap to anyone other than Future Ashley, but the people I love (even when they don’t love me back, know who I am, can’t spend time with me, or cannot love me the way I deserve to be loved) inspire and motivate me to inspire and motivate others. Seriously, I honestly believe that one person’s commitment to enriching, inspiring, and encouraging others produces a ripple effect that exponentially affects the world.

The soundtrack for the concept: Brandon Boyd’s Runaway Train.

“Should I douse the spark or fan the flames or merely think of clever things to say?”


One thought on “Smart love

  1. amywatts says:

    I loved that book SO MUCH. If you’re interested I made a Spotify list of most of the music mentioned in the book:

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