True fact: Random acts of kindness make a difference

I started brooding yesterday morning. I woke up before my alarm, so I started working myself into a good, day-long dark spell well before 5 a.m. But something pretty small turned it around for me.

I stayed home from work to nurse a cold Monday, knowing that getting sick was my body’s way of telling me to slow down, calm down, and go with the flow while facing a lot of change. Going back to work yesterday morning, I expected to play catch-up all day, which only added to my cloudy disposition. But seeing me in the hallway as she arrived at the office, a coworker ran up to me and hugged me because she missed me and was worried about me yesterday.

That small display of affection spoke volumes to me. That random act of kindness turned my mindset around. I’m sure that gesture meant a little something to her, but she changed my whole day. Or more! She probably changed my whole week. And writing it down for Future Ashley means that her one kind act will resonate with me indefinately.

I was brooding about why I’ve closed myself off. I’m so quick to fall in love, but so slow to trust anyone who doesn’t share my DNA. As I was putting on my shoes this morning, I remember praying, “I have no hope, God. No hope.”

God’s answer was to put not one, but two people right in my face who unselfishly encouraged and supported me without hesitation.

And today, two more people offered encouragement and support to me unbidden and out of the blue.

Four random acts of kindness later, I feel hope. My gratitude and love for these four angels is actually kind of overwhelming.


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