Write me a river

I haven’t published much lately, largely because I haven’t written anything worth sharing (even with Future Ashley, my target demographic). Every night for a week, I’ve promised myself that if I got certain chores done that I would spend a little time writing.

A couple of topics are on my mind. First, my work blog. I have so many content ideas, and happily, I have been given the go-ahead to write again for our company’s blog. I developed a content schedule to help me, but I also have ideas for random topics that I find interesting, useful, compelling, helpful, or otherwise worth writing about … and reading about. Which brings me to my second topic: Writer’s block.

The reason why I haven’t published anything anywhere lately is because I’ve had some writer’s block. Even a bit of writer’s block is like a contagion of the mind. Of all the 9,467 thoughts going through my head at any given time, grabbing one of them for inspiration is impossible when my writing process has a cold. Or the flu. Or the plague.

(OY. A friend recently mentioned that sad, sad feeling when you have to put a pet down. I’m so scarred by losing Peanut M&M that I haven’t been able to adopt another pet. People ask me if I’m considering another pet, but as much as I miss the companionship, no other soul could complete me the way my little Peanut did.)

I don’t really follow an agenda for my personal blog — it’s more just trying to get my introspection out of my head somewhere in an effort to set some flags in the ground to remind my future self of where I’ve been. When this blog lived exclusively on Live Journal, there were a lot more layers of visibility instead of Posterous’s options of all, nothing, or people you manually share a link with. I also had a steadier audience on Live Journal who read my blog regularly, so the posts and conversations fueled each other organically instead of me writing in more of a vacuum.

I think what my friend Angela did for her “creativity as therapy” blog in setting a monthly topic is a great idea. Too ambitious for me, I’m aftraid. And it doesn’t serve my purpose, I don’t think. Maybe it could … I don’t know. I’ll think about it. It could help prevent writer’s block. But for the short term, I will write about two topics in the next two weeks:

  1. My January craft-along for the aforementioned blog, and
  2. Moving!

There. Now I have to write!


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