Learn to Ask for Help for Fun and Profit

The trouble with asking for help is … is what, exactly? I’m trying to figure that out for myself. I think I’m allowing conflict around this issue where there need not be. Yesterday, three people told me four times that I need to ask for help with my move this weekend. This morning I kept mulling over everything I’d heard. The realizations have continued to unfold all day, even as recently as writing the first sentence of this post!

As soon I had one of my realizations today, I asked a friend to help me pack tonight. Wow. I bought us dinner, and then she rocked some boxes!!!! She was the perfect yin to my yang: I’m methodical, thoughtful, and evaluating my emotional attachment to everything I pack, and she was BLAZING FAST. I had two goals when I asked her to help me tonight. She single-handedly knocked them both out while I tried to keep up!

So what if I threw up my lunch because I had a coughing fit?!? So what if one of my clients thought I sounded so bad that he rescheduled his call with me?!? We got so much done tonight that I’m ecstatic. I’m not comfortable asking for help. I would always rather be the helper than the helpee, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it. Trust is crucial when asking for help. It boils down to trust. For example, I’m not happy about having to ask my parents for help, but I trust that they won’t judge me and will try to help me.

Reaping the rewards of the gift of help is an amazing experience. Try it! I’d be happy to help!


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