First Saturday at home


Because I can’t finish unpacking my books into my bookcase or put up anything unmovable in my bedroom until AT&T installs Uverse next weekend, I’m left with doing laundry and finding other projects to make my new place homier on a zero budget. I have to use stuff I already own — and why wouldn’t I? I have a housefull’s worth of decorative items and only a one-bedroom apartment to decorate. It’s a matter of strategy and editing.

First, I have tons of cardboard boxes to get rid of. Although I found most of them on Freecycle, I haven’t had any takers for my posted offer of same. Google shows me that there’s a recycling dumpster nearby. Bam!

Second, I had a couple of ideas for bringing color to my walls. In my studio apartment in Plano, I used three beautiful table runners as hanging panels for a room divider. I love the colors. I used one as a valance in the dining room.

Here’s where I get super cheap about it: I used four layers of thick cardboard to mount the table runner above the window. Nothing fancy, I just straight-up nailed the runner to the cardboard to the wall. I painted the heads of the nails so they disappear. Well, mostly.

Now I have a splash of color to cheer me!


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