Color my world

Earlier this week, my friend Lauren asked me what my favorite colors were because she wanted to make me something for my new digs. I said, “red, purple, pink … jewel tones” and she was like, “all together?” Yes, please! I love color! The more the merrier. Lauren made me a wreath for my front door to welcome people. The colors are spot on, down to the chocolate brown. But she made a big leap in assuming that people are “welcome” here. 😉


This weekend I barely started decorating my new place. First, I used a table runner I have as a valance in the dining room, which is by the front door. The colors are mostly red and purple and brown.


Today I mounted a coverlet I bought at Urban Outfitters on my bedroom wall. My friend Diana Kelley is an amazing chuppah designer, so I asked her for advice about mounting textiles. She sent me a very thorough diagram, and I spent an hour in Lowe’s contemplating various materials.

What I ended up with is:

  • 2 dowels, 48 inches long each
  • 4 washers
  • 4 1.25-inch cup hooks
  • spray starch
  • iron-on fusing web

I ironed the fabric with starch. I sewed the washers along the bottom of the fabric and created a pocket for the dowels at the top for hanging by folding over the top of the fabric and ironing the fusing web between the layers. I slipped the dowels into either end of the pocket. After screwing the hooks into the wall at the desired height, I dropped the dowels into the hooks and adjusted the fabric until centered. Then I snipped cuts in the back of the pocket of fabric to let the hooks go through the fabric to support the dowel directly.


Another note here about color: I tried to describe what I was working on this afternoon to a beloved friend this afternoon via text. He was puzzled about the whole blanket-hardware connection until I finally explained that I was hanging the fabric on the wall. Finally, I sent him the picture. He commented about the purple. In person, the bedspread is purple, the sheets are tan, and the hanging coverlet is a deep ruby red with tan and lavender. Red, brown, teal, and purple are my dominant colors.


As I sit here typing in an undecorated condo, my colors are dark red, teal, brown, and purple. At least I’m consistent! When I painted pottery with my friend Angela, she pointed out that she loved the “fire colors.” Me? I love the “jewel tones.” I’m not above a having a box of nursery-pink tissues in my living room, but the deeper the color, the better, in my book.

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