OK to be awake again at 3:41 a.m.

Why am I ok with not sleeping tonight?! I suppose a huge part of that is because I have blissfully nothing to do tomorrow. I’ve been working on a friend’s resume this week, and one other friend of hers, to help with their job searches, so I plan to finish up a lot for them tomorrow. But after much stress about where I would be tomorrow, err… later today … I’m totally at peace with having a day of doing nothing. Tomorrow is a little staycation, if you will!

Recently, I met with a couple of career coaches who helped me realize many things. First, we defined my ideal job that would serve my career goals. Also, many of my personal goals and strengths took shape during my session. Such clarity has greatly benefited me in many ways.

The aforementioned dream job: I start Tuesday. Turning down job offers and even interviews in this economy is stressful, but I feel led to this job for the next phase of my life. And I do feel like this is a life change, not just a career change.

Second, some clarity in my personal life: I miss physically volunteering. I have particpated in the online microvolunteering at sparked.com, but I miss doing things like heading a blanket drive for Jonathan’s Place or volunteering at Baylor alum activities like Shoes for Orphan Souls. One of my coaches helped me realize that my drive to volunteer — to give back to my community — was tied to my concept of being a part of a church. Probably true, but other true facts include: Pesky morals for friendship, leadership, service ingrained in me in my Baylor days as a proud member of Alpha Phi Omega.

A third note on a personal level: Meeting a special person is, well, pretty special. I have so many special people in my life, and I am blessed and grateful. That concept of “accept help” has been so hard for me for about a decade, but one of the lessons my career coaches identified was that I am not alone. Accepting that I am not alone is pretty crucial to this step.

The morning air is cool and relaxing. I wish I had a dog to check on or nudge off my lap right now. Instead, I will grab a few hours sleep and have a tune-up on my car and get my tires rotated to prepare for my new commute to my new, amazing job.

If you’re reading this, I love you. And you all know how, and why. And how to find me on Pinterest.


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