Exhausted, but loving it.

Over the last few months, I have been asked a couple of questions about 514,250 times:

  1. Will you please tell me about yourself?
  2. What do you like to do in your free time?

Frankly, I’ve had so many interviews lately that I am sick of talking about myself. But starting a new position this week, I’m making every effort to embrace the two-ears-one-mouth policy. As in, listen at least twice as much as you speak!

Supporting this attitude is the fact that I am, once again, working in an industry that is new to me. I am very happy, once again, to have an exciting challenge to learn and write about brand-new topics. When I was in B2B publishing, we used to say, “a good writer can write about anything,” and I really believe that’s true. It’s true with writing, marketing, and sales. My friend Jason says that the less a sales person understands what they are selling, the better they do. I disagree somewhat — I would say that it’s not about understanding, it’s about technique.

A sharp professional who has the technique can come to understand a new industry and it’s subtleties. But guess what … relying on all technique and no understanding is an ego-driven, naive, greedy, or just plain stupid move — that person will fail because he or she is egotistical, naive, greedy, or stupid. Thus, the two-ears-one-mouth policy!

What is happening in my brain during all this two-eared policy is interesting, exciting, and totally exhausting.

I. Love. It.


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