I can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan!


Exhibit 1: Breakfast.

I cannot cook bacon in a pan, turkey (my bacon of choice) or otherwise, without singing the jingle from the popular commercial from my childhood.

Exhibit 2: Popular commercial from my childhood.

Yesterday, my friend Angela and I were discussing life, et cetera, and she said I was one of the most progressive people she knows. I suppose she’s right; I am progressive.

I’m progressive because of my upbringing, my family, my personality, the path I’ve taken, the purpose divined for me. Of my parents, it is my mother who has the Bachelor’s degree. Of my father’s parents, it is my grandmother who was the PhD. My great aunt Isobel was the first female full college professor at Michigan State University. She eventually became the head of MSU’s math department. (The first woman to become a full professor at Michigan State taught calculus — not home economics, elementary education, nursing, or any other traditionally female-dominated profession. Great Aunt Isobel taught MATH.) My mom’s mom was a tailor (She called herself a seamstress, but she tailored wedding dresses. That’s a tailor.) with a sharp eye for detail and passion for her work.

My sister and I discussed this a couple of days ago. In addition to these female examples, our dad is a driven, successful trailblazer. What option did we have but to seek challenge and create compassion?!

I’m so excited to be in a role professionally that is challenging, new, fun, and different than anything I’ve done before. I didn’t realize that these were qualities I needed in a career until I spent time with a career coach. I’m happy to be in a relationship that supports and celebrates my career. I’m grateful to have friends and family who share my professional ideals, ambitions, and successes.


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