Adventures in air conditioning

I moved into this condo, owned by an individual and managed by no one, knowing that the air conditioning was an issue. I was reassured several times, verbally and contractually, that the central AC would be taken care of before summer started in Dallas.

Since some portion of the AC system was repaired in late March, the system has stopped working three times. First, Father’s Day weekend. Second, July Fourth holiday. Most recently, last weekend. Frankly, that is three time too many that I should have to deal with no air conditioning. Each incidence resulted in at least a couple of days of no air.

Adding to these difficulties is my landlord’s doing-you-a-favor attitude. Wait, isn’t a landlord contractually obligated to providing you with an habitable home? Yes, it is!

I’m very fortunate that a few people have offered their homes to me when and if the AC goes out again. But I resent the fact that I pay for an habitable home to a landlord who so quickly takes the cheapest way out of every situation, yet expects my gratitude for her meager efforts. I ditest her treatment of me last week, condescending to me as if she was doing me a favor by supplying air conditioning when the condo was 95 degrees.

Luckily, the AC limps on. A professional will look at it Tuesday morning for the leak. If not? I’m moving out.

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in air conditioning

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