Remind me not to rent from someone cheap

Have you ever had a day — or in my case, a week — when you feel like you’re on Project Runway, trying to create high fashion out of washers and cord?! Like one of those lucky designers on Project Runway, I’m definitely grateful to be experiencing the challenge of a lifetime. I feel like an aspiring designer given a rare, fantastic professional opportunity, although I do feel the pressure!

Adding to my feeling of free-falling and an overall weightlessness in my life is the issue of the condo that I rent. Up until a few days ago, my landlord’s attitude toward the faulty air conditioning was entirely a money-first approach. My landlord has complained of having nothing but trouble for two years, blaming tenants and  unknown air conditioning problems. Casual observation from an invested party: Two years of crappy tenants and AC problems could have been easily avoided by directly addressing the problem when it first occurred instead of cheaping out with window units and asking tenants to schlep an inside unit from room to room. Instead, the problem had to elevate to desperate proportions. How many days have I had to live without AC? About 10, I think, off the top of my head. How many days has my landlord agreed to pro-rate my rent? One. I should push for the rest, but I’ve been trying to keep a good, “we’re in this together,” attitude.


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