My week of over-extension

What an awesome week! Although I spread myself pretty thin, I had a remarkable week.

  • Sunday, I had the most amazing time with friends at a brunch-turned-three-hour-meal. Amazing people. Amazing conversation. But brunch dominated my day, and I didn’t get as much work done as I wanted. I may have had a minor meltdown in anticipation of the huge week ahead.
  • Monday I saw Incubus and Linkin Park live. Oh, Brandon Boyd! He completes me.
  • I took the Mini for an oil change on Tuesday, which cost me $75. Also, I need two new tires and a filter for the air conditioner. I’m so sick of pouring money  into my car because that means I can’t save up for a new one.
  • Wednesday, I hosted and moderated a two-hour webinar (that I had never seen or heard before) for about 60 CPAs.
  • As soon as that was over and we had the post-webinar pow-wow, I booked it back into Dallas* in time to meet friends for dinner before going to a concert at the Meyerson — Indigo Girls with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.
  • I hosted and moderated two two-hour webinars on Thursday.
  • Friday, I went back down to Waxahachie to host and moderate webinar number four.
  • And then we launched the new website, which has been a massive focus of mine for roughly the last three months. What a relief to have that done!

This blissfully long weekend is my time to not work. To not extend myself. To relax, sleep in, enjoy the roses my darling boyfriend brought me, do laundry, and generally speaking, nest a little. Because I tend to pile on stress upon stress, I might go car shopping today. ‘Cause that’s always a super fun beat down!

Every time I describe my week, I reinforce to myself that with big risk comes big reward.

*I’m still commuting to Waxahachie three days a week.


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