2012 didn’t suck

Early this year, I created a playlist for myself, which I called “2012 won’t suck.” Guess what! It didn’t!

Today is a pretty good example of the year I’ve had — love and joy, loss, and amazing opportunity. One of my favorite people on the planet shared with me her very important decision to leave Dallas. It was choice I knew deep-down she would struggle with, but I also believe her decision is the best one, even if selfishly it means all those growing-apart things that happen when friends don’t live nearby.

(Does it seem silly to be sad about someone moving away in this overly connected world? Can we not see the minutiae of each others’ lives on Facebook? Will we not be able to text each other constantly? Do we not each have infinite wireless minutes with which to speak any time we want? My relationship with this person has been forged 99 percent face-to-face. We don’t text much. She barely uses Facebook to share. She’s not on Twitter [GASP!], Pinterest [PEARL CLUTCHING!], or any of the social media I use regularly. Knowing that she would eventually come “home” to Dallas always meant I knew I’d get to see her. But several weeks ago, I realized that she really needs to come home for realsies — her home. Dallas is my home, but it was never hers. And if I’d lived in, say, Arizona for five or six years, I’d be anxious to come home to Dallas. So, yes, it’s silly to be sad that someone — this particular someone, especially — is moving away, but even positive change can be difficult. This positive change makes me feel like I’m losing someone, and only time will prove me wrong.)

Shortly after learning that one friend is moving away, I learned from another that their year-long journey to add to their family is a reality! The pregnancy is early, so I won’t say anything more than how overjoyed I am to be an “aunt” again.

Major emotional swings today!

Naturally, I will share the best of my “2012 won’t suck” playlist:


04_The_Shadow_Proves_The_Sunshine.mp3 Listen on Posterous

01_Options.mp3 Listen on Posterous

05_Put_On_A_Happy_Face_(w_James_Taylor).mp3 Listen on Posterous

14_Long_Live.mp3 Listen on Posterous

08_Have_A_Nice_Day.mp3 Listen on Posterous

How_Soon_Is_Now.mp3 Listen on Posterous


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