It’s not my fault, but it is my problem


Love the car, hate the dealer!

I traded in my little 2004 Mini Cooper in for a hybrid car a few months ago. I’ve been very happy to be driving a Honda again, and even happier to achieve 40+ mph in it. The sale went quickly — so quickly that it felt like an impulse buy instead of something I’d been working toward for several months. Although the quickness of the sale seemed almost too fast, I swatted down that red flag because of all the emotional reasons all the websites warn you against when you’re buying a car.

Alas, I should have smelled a rat when I contacted the Texas DMV in late November to learn that the state has no record of my car. I reached out to the seller, and his response was:

Ashley Ive had heart surgery you need to call moore transport services in richardson I dont know the number

I reached out to “moore transport services in richardson,” which actually turned out to be a company that shares business space with the seller in Plano. The Controller was responsive. The Controller has been helpful and quick to reply. Mostly. I’m a week into January and my car is still unknown to my state of residence. We’ll see how she responds to calls from Random Tennessee Bank.

When I got a random call from a bank in Tennessee (“Random Tennessee Bank”) that I’d never heard of the Saturday before Christmas, I became concerned.

Parenthetically: At this point, I’m not going to start naming names and calling these companies out for their unprofessionalism. I’m not saying I won’t, I’m just saying I won’t yet.

Despite the fact — the easily provable fact — that I have paid three payments on my great little car, the car’s seller has failed to remit any payments to the lender, Random Tennessee Bank. My contract is with the seller. I have no contract with Random Tennessee Bank, which has begun to call me incessantly about my “account.” I probably do have an account with this bank in name only, but I have no contract with them. I decided last week that I would only speak with the initial representative that contacted me because she has knowledge of all this back story.

Late this afternoon I got a call that I took because I hoped it was a return call from the bank’s representative that I have been speaking with. Instead, it was from another representative who offered me the chance to “make a December payment” on my car. Thanks, Random Tennessee Bank, but I’ve made a December payment, a January payment, AND an extra payment, thanks to my year-end bonus. And thanks again, for speaking to me like a dog that just got caught peeing on the oriental rug.

The moral of this story is: Cool car, huge headache. This story’s been brewing for a while. It’s not my fault about the bank, but it is my problem.

A second related story is about my new TV. I’ve been wanting a new TV for my bedroom — apparently I’m a freak for not having a TV in my bedroom — since I moved back to Dallas. I figure I’ll go to bed earlier with a TV in there.

I did some online TV shopping and decided on a retailer. I solicited my boyfriend’s support to go with and help install. I totally bribed him with my killer homemade mac and cheese, too. The TV I wanted didn’t work out, so we went to another place, where I found a 42-inch Vizio smart LED TV. But buying the television at a retailer that I never go to got my ATM card flagged. I had to place three phone calls to my bank to release my own money to myself this morning. But I came home tonight to a HUGE television.

Also? I synced my AT&T Uverse remote to the new TV and my Sony Bluray player. Yay Team Me.

With all this drama, you might think I didn’t get any work done, but that’s not true. Unfortunately, I was distracted enough to hit “send” before I hit “save” to some suggested changes on a work email and spammed a co-worker with an early copy of our company newsletter after he suggested changes. Luckily, he’s a great sport about it, and I can take the teasing he rightly deserved to give me.

Another positive from my day is my trip to Tom Thumb. I was pretty wrecked leaving the office today, but a brief stop at the Preston-Forest Tom Thumb was an unexpected pick-me-up. I was wandering aimlessly in the store when an employee welcomed me, asked how I was doing and what I was looking for. She was so helpful and engaged. I really felt like she was sincere; and after a taxing day, I liked it.

I tag the pretty and allude to the ugly. For now.


3 thoughts on “It’s not my fault, but it is my problem

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