Angst, anxiety, and other things

My mood tonight is split between a teary-grateful and antagonized-feisty. The rainy weather has made for a couple of days of anxious commutes — I don’t mean to whine about a 45-mile drive all the time, but I (somewhat poorly) revolve my schedule around commuting issues.

For example, I know when construction starts on the days of my long commute. That means I have to leave the south office by 6:30 in order to pass the construction site before 7, when the construction crew shuts the highway down to set up equipment. I have to note these things or else I sit on the highway for half and hour!

Update on the car harassment situation: Random Tennessee Bank continues to contact me regarding a payment I do not owe them. I requested a copy of the contract, and what they sent me was my contract with the dealership.

I suspect the “dealership,” Highline Autoplex of Plano, is a scam operation, to which I’ve given thousands of dollars. I feel like an idiot.

This stupid car drama is my life right now.


One thought on “Angst, anxiety, and other things

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