Slow cooker balsamic glazed drunken chicken and potatoes

It’s kind of difficult to spend time with … well, anybody … on the nights that I commute. So, this week my boyfriend and I hatched a plan to hang out Wednesday night. He works super early and commutes north. I work late and commute south three days a week. His dinner time is probably in the 5:00 hour, but mine is  closer to 8:30. I needed to split the time difference, make something delicious, and still work a full day without leaving obnoxiously early.

I decided to troll Pinterest for some slow cooker recipes. So, so, so many minutes later, I had tons of inspiration, but no exact recipe. When I went digging around for my red Crock Pot, I couldn’t find it and remembered that I broke it, so I set out to buy a new one. I bought the cutest, wee-est, most adorable little Crock Pot on sale at Target!


Why is the Wee Crock Pot story relevant? This little guy is only two quarts — half as big as the four quart one I used to have. I’ve never cooked in (or even seen) such a tiny Crock Pot! I shelled out a whopping ten bucks for it, and I’m so glad I did!

All the slow cooker recipes I have are for the bigger, regular-sized Crock Pots, so I did some general research about best practices. Well informed, I decided to go it alone without a recipe. The results were fantastic!


Here’s what I did:

  • Wash six red new potatoes and place in bottom of Wee Crock Pot.
  • Add approximately three or four tablespoons of white wine and one tablespoon water.
  • Place thawed chicken breasts on potatoes.
  • Cover chicken with balsamic vinegairette salad dressing.
  • Cook on low for 10 hours.

What else I should have done was use the juice from the Crock Pot to make a gravy on the stove by adding a little flour with a whisk. I added green beans, and BF added garlic bread. YUM.

For those of use using Wee Crock Pots: the rules of half-full don’t apply!  The smaller round ceramic dish doesn’t offer as much real estate as the bigger version. Don’t drown the ingredients in liquid, but don’t be afraid to put two or three layers of ingredients in the dish. Also, it’s likely your meat will touch a side, but that’s OK, too! Use half or less ingredients in the slow cooker recipe, and don’t sweat the small stuff. For anyone who cook for one or two, the wee Crock Pot is a great option!


One thought on “Slow cooker balsamic glazed drunken chicken and potatoes

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