Yay Team Me

This post is a few weeks old. The facts stand.

After watching Craigslist Joe, I decided to hop onto the volunteer section of Dallas Craigslist. I found a volunteer opportunity for a study for anxiety and panic. OK, I thought, I’ll take the survey and whatever! I’m following my inspiration and throwing myself out there. Joe was quite overwhelmed by the humanity and generosity he discovered, and I was hoping for (but not expecting) something great.

Days later I got a call and had a phone interview about the anxiety and panic study. I really liked the person on the phone — a PhD candidate at a local university. I qualified for the study, and before I knew it, I’d committed to 12 weeks of 90-minute therapy sessions.

Answering personal questions in writing before you ever speak to the person reading your answers is somewhat uncomfortable. Answering personal questions is uncomfortable. Thinking about answering personal questions is uncomfortable! But the anxiety surrounding all of that? I survived!

My friend asked me about how I’m doing in the study, and I think I said something about having hope. In fact, I have a lot of hope because I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve avoided a lot of situations as a coping mechanism. I generally avoid confrontation. Specifically and greatly, I don’t stand up for myself or call people out when they are mean. Therapy is arming me, once again, to  face fears realistically. I’m much more empowered to deal with panic-inducing.


2 thoughts on “Yay Team Me

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