Just keep walking!

A few weeks ago I bought a FitBit One, a high-end pedometer. Just to interject here — if I’d not bought all the cheap, crappy pedometers I’ve used over the last three or four years, I could have bought a FitBit a long time ago with much better results! I also like the FitBit One because it tracks my sleep.

Wearing a pedometer has helped me to learn SO MUCH. I thought I would be more active over the weekend, but actually, I’m not. Also, on the three days of the week that I comute, I have to really, really work to get some steps. That boils down to five days a week in which I am officially “sedentary.”

The first several days I wore the pedometer, I clocked 1,000 – 2,000 steps a day. Quickly, I started stepping up (har har) to my own personal challenge of clocking 5,000 steps a day. Why 5,000 steps a day? Somebody some time on some site told me that fewer than 5,000 steps a day equals a sedentary lifestyle. Ten thousand steps a day equals an active lifestyle. So, I’m working my up to you, babe!

First goal: Get to 5,000 steps a day consistently and burn more calories. At two weeks, I was sore as all get out. My knees, both previously injured, were killing me. My ankles and hips were really sore from the steps, and my arms, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands were sore from the introduction of almost-daily Wii tennis.

I found a Foot Therapy and Chinese Reflexology place nearby and had a very healing hour-long massage. It helped me to keep pushing. This week I hit the mark of three weeks at 5,000 steps, so I increased my goal to 5,500 steps a day.

Second goal: 5,500 steps a day. Two days into the new goal, and I am sore! I haven’t had as much free time to play Wii, so balancing the steps with the upper body Wii stuff is a new goal.

Wearing the FitBit One is an educational experience.

Third goal: 6,000 steps a day. Hopefully sooner than later!


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