Vacation of glory

Just to be clear, my recent vacation to Texas Hill Country was exquisite. The wildflowers were everywhere! I loved it. I loved the drive, the scenery, the hiking, the disk golf, the antiquing — all of it.

I loved the company — my boyfriend has a great sense of humor, an amazing sense of adventure, and an infinite amount of patience with me (and my panic disorder).

I loved my week off. I love Texas Hill Country. Go there if you can. Texas is not the flat, boring, wasteland people think it is. Texas Hill Country is gorgeous. I took dozens of pictures to prove it; alas, my iPhone went for a swim and many of the photos are lost.

TL;DR: Texas rocks.


4 thoughts on “Vacation of glory

  1. crash76er says:

    I couldn’t have had a better vacation with you if I tried and now that I’m back at work I’d like another week! 😉

  2. Dub says:

    Love that you called it “vacation of glory”! This is the blog of glory!

  3. […] Vacation of glory ( […]

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