Welcome to Botox

When I got Botox today, the nurse practitioner said the same thing to me that the tattoo artist did when I got my first tattoo: Welcome to [getting stuck with a needle], and you’re not done [getting stuck with needles]!

If only Botox was as permanent as the ink I have! 😉

I had a couple of medical appointments today, so I threw in a consultation for Botox because, why not? Forehead wrinkles are totes hawt on a dude, but not so much on a lady. I’ve had a equal sign on my forehead for awhile, but last week I was very distracted by my “one.” A lot of people have an “eleven” on their forehead, but I only have a “one” so far. That one is very, very distracting. The nurse practitioner was really great with me. I admitted to her that I was extremely anxious about putting Botulinum toxin into my body — and honestly, anxious in general. She took about 45 minutes explaining things and describing stuff. Overall, she was awesome. Contact me if you want her info.

If you’re feeling judgey … don’t. Or do, but keep it to yourself, because I know you have your own selfish or vain thing. And guess what — this isn’t my only vain thing! I’m totally losing weight! I get my hair done! I love getting a pedicure!

To Future Ashley: Don’t feel bad for making yourself see yourself better. Rock on, chica!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Botox

  1. Eileen Moore says:

    When I had Botox done around my eyes about 20 yrs. ago, I loved what it accomplished. Hated the needle. Tears poured down my face. It hurt! Had I known to take 3-4 Tylenols before going, or to drink 2 margaritas first, it would have been a piece-a-cake. Two years ago, I did Restalyn on my “11”. Did not hurt much this time. Botox lasts longer. The “11” area stayed fairly red for a year or so. Not so sure I like that type of inflammation. So, maybe I will re-Botox my “11”. You have motivated me. 🙂

  2. ashleyblyth says:

    Maybe try it again, Eileen. It may have just been the lady who I went to, or it may be that she used a much smaller needle than you had 20 years ago, but the shots didn’t hurt me. The fourth one pricked a little, but the needle was nothin’ for me! The sensation of the liquid going in burned for several minutes, but it wasn’t painful. The odd, muscle bruise sensation bothered me for an hour or so that night. At the 24 hour mark, those muscles started to feel kind of heavy. So, lots of strange sensations, but no pain. I’ll text you my lady’s info if you feel like driving to Dallas for an “11 removal.”

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