Twitter and Brand Management. It’s a Real Thing.

In 2008, I was trying to convince my boss that social media was a valuable marketing tool. By 2010, that boss still viewed Facebook as primarily a way for his ex-girlfriends to get in touch with him, and Twitter as fairly useless. Fair enough, if that’s your experience. I remember trying to convince him that social media was (and is) a powerful marketing and branding tool.  I must have said a thousand times: “People are already talking about your brand online!” I passionately believed that everywhere people were hanging out is where they were also talking about their experiences, and marketers, brand managers, and people in charge of customer service could and should pay attention to those conversations.

I’ve read crazy stories about effective ways consumers have mounted Twitter and Facebook campaigns to grab the attention of corporate brands, but last week I had my own!

After my AT&T Uverse spontaneously locked up while I was watching the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, I spent hours troubleshooting my two DVRs. All the AT&T Uverse materials say support is available 24/7, but after fighting my way through the automated support line, I got no support. In my late night frustration, I took to Twitter.


Later, after even more troubleshooting, I got even crankier:

Eventually, I heard from AT&T’s customer service:

Alas, I was unable to connect with dear Andy, of AT&T’s customer service:

Darling Andy was silent for a while, and I spent yet another evening rebooting, downloading, troubleshooting with no luck. However, I finally noticed that  DirecTV had jumped into the fray with an offer!


I finally got a direct message from the dear Andy at AT&T:

Somehow, magically, my DVRs reset themselves after several hours over the course of three days of resetting the DVRs. Thanks, AT&T!

Thanks, DirecTV for re-affirming my belief that customers have some power again!

Tell me marketing doesn’t work!


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