For getting stuck in the head.

Today I’ve been running errands and doing chores, trying to get that stuff out of the way to be able to do fun things this weekend. At some point this afternoon, a song started playing in my head that I can’t stop. It’s catchier than you realize, especially if you pooh-pooh Taylor Swift. But I present to you, today’s earwig:

I’ll never defend Swift as a great vocalist, but she does have a knack for writing songs that play well to her abilities, such as they are. She also has a knack for churning out songs that stick in the head.

P.S. I’m starting to get worked up into a good round of mean tonight. If Posterous still existed, this post would have taken 45 seconds from my iPhone. Generally, I’m pleased with WordPress, but it is far less robust than Posterous was, and I’ve just wasted 90+ minutes fishing around for something that used to take me a fraction of that. Maybe I should just go back to hosting everything myself.


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