DIY #EveryoneInBlack shirt. Sic ’em Bears!


Baylor football’s #EveryoneInBlack campaign to blackout the Sooners, Nov. 7, 2013

Coming soon to the Brazos is a showdown against the Oklahoma Sooners, and the Baylor Bears are going for an #EveryoneInBlack campaign. The boys will be in all black, and (hopefully) so will the fans. I recommended a couple of options to the boyfriend, who will attend the Thursday night game with me:

Personally, I decided to make my own. I guess I was inspired by the Midlothian Panther spirit shirt I recently bought and wanted to have total control of my own #EveryoneInBlack Baylor shirt. I started with a long sleeved shirt, tweaked some felt-backed letters, and viola! A Baylor blackout spirit shirt!

Here’s a brief DIY step-by-step for interested parties.

I bought a shirt from Old Navy. Then I bought white felt-backed letters and a green fabric paint pen from Joann’s fabric store. I painted the white felt backing of the letters green, and then I had to get an idea of how it would look:

Everyone In Black Baylor prototype

Everyone In Black Baylor prototype

I liked the look of the block letters, but the green fabric paint on the white felt backing was giving me a kelly green that reminded me of the awful Sidelines shirts we wore freshman year. I wanted dark green, so I decided to see if acrylic paint on the felt would give me the look. It did! (The “R” was royal blue. It was the only letter not available in black, so I used black fabric paint on it. The camera doesn’t lie, so the R looks blue in this photo. Stay tuned to additions that turn the blue R black for the game!)

Here are the letters painted with dark green acrylic paint:

Painting the letters for my Baylor blackout shirt

Painting the letters for my Baylor blackout shirt

Then I applied black glitter paint to the embroidered letter. The test subject looked good, so I went for it! I want some bling, you know?!

Adding black glitter fabric paint to black letters

Adding black glitter fabric paint to black letters

My black on green on black shirt to blackout the Sooners:

Baylor everyone in black, blackout the Sooners

#EveryoneInBlack Baylor shirt to blackout the Sooners!

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4 thoughts on “DIY #EveryoneInBlack shirt. Sic ’em Bears!

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  4. Love your blackout shirt! Looks great. SIc em! 🙂

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