Friends Are Blessings

I read something today about how in any relationship, contempt for the other person’s emotions is a killer. That resonated with me on about a thousands levels. Sadly, I realize that contempt — on my part and on the part of others — has ruined relationships in my life.

My sarcasm comes across as contempt sometimes, which is mostly not my intention. Let’s define the “mostly” exception for Future Ashley: I’m annoyed by rude people I don’t know who randomly opine on my business, drivers who jack with me because I honk at them for cutting me off, unsupervised kids whose parents ignore them while they climb all over me, and people who are just plain mean. I go from zero to contempt for those people in four seconds flat. Those folks get my contempt. But, if we otherwise have a relationship? My sarcasm is simply an attempt to be humorous and no contempt or intent to wound is intended. Seriously.

In the last three weeks I’ve had three conversations with friends that amount to various levels of “good friends can always pick up where we left off.”  I’m extremely grateful for these friendships, although the timing of these conversations shines a very bright light on other relationships.

I had dinner a couple nights ago with my college roommate. I love this woman like she was my sister. I tell her ALL OF IT — she is as honest with me as anyone can be. I am grateful as all get-out for her feedback and honesty. She continues to change my life in the most positive ways.

Another friend from college, who I really respect professionally and adore personally also reminded me that we will always pick up where we left off. I’m so grateful for these friends!

Family Are Blessings

I am blessed with family and a boyfriend who loves me. Tonight I am wrapping Christmas gifts, and it turns out that I’m not as far behind with Christmas as I thought! Well, -ish.

My sister and I have super Sister Powers. We have our own language, we have a psychic bond, but mostly we are great friends. Because of some other wack-a-doo friend issues (see above: friend is in contempt of my feelings), I’m off my game. But I’m back on track!

I will spend Christmas Eve with my boyfriend and my sister, as I have done for many years (the sister part, not so much the boyfriend-having part). I love being there. I love the memories. I’m so glad my sister’s family are local, and I love having Christmas with them. This year, I get to have Christmas with them and my boyfriend! I’m excited.

We will have an amazing Christmas with our parents, and I can’t wait!