Technology, website, and White Collar

Oooh, White Collar, I need a good episode tonight. I will start it momentarily.

But first, I have to express my annoyance with Teh Interwebs. I began the process of moving my domain registration from GoDaddy to Dot5. It took too long, and required too many steps in the approval process. I answered a hundred security questions with both registrars; why should it take so long after that?

Now I’m in the process of converting my free WordPress site to a hosted site. Dot5 isn’t as WordPress-friendly as they claim to be. Frankly, I’ve decided to give up for the night and focus on White Collar.

I really love WordPress CMS because it’s the most intuitive that I’ve used, by far. I’ve worked with web developers who prefer Drupal and Joomla, but I think WordPress is better for people and organizations that don’t necessarily have a technical person to teach them a more complex content management system. And WordPress beats the pants off of doing it the old fashioned way — Dreamweaver plus FTP. Ugh.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with this guy:


My date for the night


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