Today I made contact with a very lovely gentlemen who found me through this blog. That’s pretty shocking considering how intentionally little I market or publicize my personal blog. Specifically, he found my previous blog post about tackling change.

This gentlemen reached out to me about his story as a loved one of a cancer survivor. He didn’t know I was also a loved one of a cancer survivor. Nor did he know how deeply I’ve been affected by my friends’ mom’s struggle with cancer, or my friends’ daughter battle throughout her teens.

I share his family’s story to share hope with anyone — especially myself — facing challenging times. Theirs is a story of sacrifice, determination, and hope, which conquers fear and doubt.

I write about this family’s story to remind myself of the power of change. I write about this family’s story to validate their experience and amazing, hopeful message. I write to share their story with anyone who may read this.

Cameron Von St. James (I originally called him Collin. Doh!) is the gentleman who reached out to me today. I am so blessed to have contact with this family, and I hope to get to know them more. Colin’s wife, Heather, has a rock star web site. I beg you to check it out because it’s awesome AND therapeutic! I think I should develop such an awesome site for my mom to raise awareness of her type of cancer! Heather’s site is fun. That seems odd considering the subject matter, but it’s true.

Check out Heather Von St. James website.

They have a specific day for “Lung Leavin’ Day,” so stay tuned for more about it.