First, I want to go on the record to say that I’m so happy to be on the gleeful side of change.

Veronica Mars movie

Veronica Mars movie

Second, what I asked for  for my birthday was to see the movie Veronica Mars. Hoo-to-the-ray, we saw it tonight! Friday nights I generally prefer to chill at home, but Jeff was up for it, and so we saw Veronica on the big screen!

That movie had so many references to the TV show that I need to watch it again. And again, and again, and again. I can’t wait to own it and have every line memorized. I know I missed a lot of jokes and many references, but the ones I got were, to quote Logan, epic.

Oh, Logan.

I’ve read some reviews of the movie, and the majority of them are by people who never saw the show. The comments range from the movie being too dark to having too much voice over. These were characteristics of the show, and a nod to the film noir detective stories. Jeff was only vaguely familiar with the show, and he thought the intro set the movie up well enough to catch viewers up and set the tone for the film.

If an AMC is near you: Go see Veronica Mars! It’s witty, chock-full of pop culture references, suspenseful, with a big dish of mystery.

Veronica Mars Team Logan Team Piz

Veronica Mars Team Logan Team Piz

P.S. Don’t tell my fiance, but I’m both Team Piz and Team Logan. And Team Dick!


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