Important stuff: Makeup and recipes

For my makeup junkies.

A while ago, I bought the famous Urban Decay Naked Basics pallet. Everyone raves about the UD Naked pallets, so I was thrilled to have the basic pallet.

I also impulse-purchased the NYX Natural pallet. I was thinking that I could examine the NYX against the UD and return one, but I found merit in both of them, and kept them both.

I’ve been using both of them, and I have to say that the UD Naked Basics seems to read muddy on me, no matter what I do. It could be my lighting, and it could be my technique, but it’s honestly not my technique. The NYX pallet isn’t perfect, but it works great! For those who can’t afford both, the NYX Natural pallet is a great option. Supplement with gel eyeliners and any sparkly highlighters you have.

For my food junkies.

I made a new dish that was straight-forward enough to make again, especially considering how enthusiastically my fiancee loved it. The “recipe” I followed was pretty vague, and that’s saying something for a person who never follows a recipe!

Sorry for no pictures, but I was all about the food.

  • Sear chicken breasts with some olive oil, salt, and pepper, about 3 minutes each side.
  • Set breasts aside; pour chicken broth and seasoning* into pan.
  • Cook breasts in pan until pink is gone.

*The recipe I used called for fresh parsley, thyme, pressed garlic, and lemon rind. I actually used lemon rind, fresh pressed garlic, oregano, sweet basil, and parsley.

Serve with green beans and fresh rolls for a bucket of yum!


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