Since buying our home last May, Jeff and I have tackled a wide variety of projects together and separately, none of which I have taken the time to document yet! But this cute little bench for the entry is something I always thought I’d be able to do, but have never attempted making actual furniture.

(The sputnik lamp shown in this image is another project we tackled. And by “we,” I mean I picked it out at Nebraska Furniture Mart, kind of tried to cut the wires to length, but Jeff actually did the hard work of getting it up there and working.)

Here’s a little bit about how I made the bench

I knew the rough dimensions the hallway would accommodate, and then wandered through Lowes and surfed Amazon to see what materials were available. I found a “craft board” made of pine in dimensions that would work, similar to this appearance board. Mine is 4 feet long by 16 inches wide.

Once I had the board as the foundation of my bench, I took to Amazon for everything else. I knew I wanted mid-century modern-looking legs, like this:

I also ordered the hardware that attached the legs at an angle. Turns out, 11 degrees is the magic number to make the legs look like that, which I did not previously know! At my husband’s suggestion, I attached the legs to a spare piece of 2 by 4 to stain them.


Amazon also had tons of foam options to cover the seat — I went with 5-inch memory foam that came vacuum packed in a relatively small roll considering it unfurled to about 6-feet long!

I got some fabric suggestions from fellow crafters, and I was pleased to discover that Spoonflower fabrics are available via Amazon. I got two yards of this cute pattern:


We put the hardware for the legs on first because Jeff wanted to make sure they were extra secure. Then I wrapped the whole thing like a Christmas present and used my staple gun to assemble the bench.

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